Contract Parameters
Contract Symbol DMSU
Underlying Index MSCI INDIA (USD, NTR)
Contract Size US$ 50 x Index Value
Price Quote Index Value quoted in USD (e.g.: 544.25/544.50)
Minimum Tick Size
Minimum Tick Value US $12.5
Daily Price Range 15 index points (subject to change)
Contract Months Three consecutive serial months, 4 quarterly months and 1 calendar spread between first month and second month.
Trading Days Monday through Friday
Trading Hours 07:00 – 23:30 Hrs. (Dubai Time)
Last Trading Day Third Friday of the Contract Month. If it is a holiday in India or in the UAE, then the immediate preceding Business Day.
New Contract Listing Business Day immediately following the Last Day of Trading
Settlement Basis Cash
Final Cash Settlement Price Basis Settled in cash based on the closing price of the MSCI India (USD, NTR) index as published by MSCI on the Last Day of Trading rounded off to the nearest tick.
Initial Margin based on SPAN US$ 850 per Contract. (Subject to change)
Order / Position Limits
Max Open Position Limit As determined by the Exchange from time to time
Max Order Size 200 Contracts
Block Trades Minimum Block size permitted is 50 Contracts
Time limit for Block Trade registration Up to 15 minutes after cessation of trading on any Trading Day

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